Our Mission

The New Orleans Council for Community and Justice promotes understanding and respect among all races, religions and cultures through advocacy, conflict resolution, and education.


Anytown NolA

Incoming sophomores, juniors, and seniors from high schools in Louisiana come together for one week in a peaceful camp setting, bringing to each other the experiences of their diverse cultural, ethnic, religious, racial and economic backgrounds.

Respect and awareness grows and develops, as delegates become friends, learning from and about each other. Workshops, discussion groups, assemblies, and special events contribute to the Anytown Experience. Leaders from Louisiana’s cultural, professional, religious and educational institutions serve as resources.

Anytown delegates are the leaders of tomorrow. Anytown prepares them to make decisions based on an awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the diversity that exists in all aspects of life. Delegates leave Anytown with a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be a world citizen.


Restorative Community Conferencing

The New Orleans Council for Community and Justice (NOCCJ) brings people together in a private meeting, called a Restorative Community Conferencing, for a full, honest, comprehensive expostion of what caused an event (or harm); who was involved; the event itself; and its consequences. Included in the Restorative Community Conference are: the person/people who caused the harm, people who were harmed, and interested community members. From this shared information, NOCCJ will work with all parties to arrive at a plan to determine the repair required, repair the damage caused, and the steps taken to prevent a recorrence. 

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youth LEADERSHIP diversity summits 

The Youth Leadership Diversity Summits are one-day leadership learning experience that joins together 50-100 students and offers them the opportunity to engage in honest dialogue around issues of difference (race, culture, faith, class, age, ability, etc.) in a fun filled day of learning and community building.

The Youth Leadership Diversity Summits are designed to reduce tension and conflict by providing opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds to share and learn form one another.